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How Can My Company Save Money Using Readability Formulas?

Save Money Using Readability Formulas
Many business owners constantly seek new ways to save money and increase profits. One such money-saving measure is to use readability formulas on all text and materials. Readability formulas let you know if your text is readable by your target audience (your customers, suppliers, employees, etc). Studies show that readable text matched to the grade-level of your readers can increase their interest and improve your results to get your message across. Here’s how:

EMPLOYEE INSTRUCTION MANUALS. Employee instruction manuals contain important instructions for employees to perform their job duties. This is an all-important document for the efficient internal working of a company. Using readability formulas will ensure your employees can read these manuals so they can perform their duties properly and efficiently. If your employees are performing well, your business’ productivity increases, and this translates into increased profits. Also, using readability formulas can reduce the number of times you revise your manual for better readability; this saves you time and money.

INTERNAL REPORTS. An organization’s internal reports should meet the reading level of its employees; otherwise your employees will find the reports meaningless because they can’t understand them. You’ll also have to spend more money on resources and labor to revise the reports.

BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE. The employer-employee correspondence forms the backbone of an organization. If this correspondence lacks readability, your employees can’t process the exact instructions. Using readability formulas on internal correspondence will ensure clarity and convergence of ideas between employer and employee. This will improve employer-employee relationship and increase the overall productivity of the business.

PRODUCT/SERIVE SPECS SHEETS. The product/service specifications are an integral part of your company’s products/services. Using readability formulas on the product/service specifications ensures your customers/clients fully understand your products or services. A readable product/service specification saves you money and time by avoiding unnecessary customer complaints.

Stylewriter Software
StyleWriter software: use it to write better content! Download your free trial!