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Why Should Publishing Companies Use Readability Formulas?

Why Should Publishing Companies Use Readability Formulas?
The Internet era has helped the publishing industry explode into new media. We have publishers in print medium (newspapers, magazines, journals, books, textbooks, novels, etc.), television, radio, and the Internet. Whether you publish online or offline, you need to make your products as reader-friendly as possible to attract new readers and build a loyal customer base. Using readability formulas can help you publish readable text for your readers.

Using Readability Formulas as part of your publishing process has many benefits.

1. The publishing industry publishes many textbooks for schools and colleges. These books help students learn and help teachers teach. It is vital to achieve easy readability of all textbooks to improve the learning/teaching process between students and teachers. The readability level of these books should be at an optimum level so as not to be too low or too high to sustain students’ interests.

2. Readable books help promote student independence by encouraging self-selection of books, and also help teachers, librarians, and parents assist students in choosing grade-level books. Students won’t shy away from choosing additional books if they find their books informative and readable.

3. Many newspapers, magazines, and journals target the general population. It’s very important to learn the average reading level of the audience to make the most of their publications. For instance, if a reporter writes a newspaper article with difficult prose and style, the readers will immediately cease reading it. Using readability formulas to make the article readable can sustain the interest of the readers and help improve readership and subscribers.

4. Internet publishing through articles, blogs, online magazines and journals target the online audience. Applying readability formulas before publishing the text online ensures the text conforms to the grade level of your readers. Of course, if what you write is readable, informative and updated regularly, you can grow your readership and attract new readers.

Stylewriter Software
StyleWriter software: use it to write better content! Download your free trial!