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Powerful Readability Scoring Features

The following features make both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS the most complete and powerful program available in today's marketplace:

In Context Screens include Help menus, providing ready instructions for use on that screen.

One Pass
In most cases you may specify multiple formulas to be applied in a single pass of the sample text.

Keyed Samples
Samples of text to be assessed may be entered directly into the program from the keyboard.

File Samples
The program can also evaluate samples created and saved as text files from any word processor.

Scanned Text
Program can accept scanned text, first cleaned and saved as text files from any word processor.

No Size Limits
The program accepts any size sample - from the conventional 100 words, to the entire text.

Raw Counts
In addition to displaying the material’s readability score, the program also shows the raw counts that figured in the formula calculations, e.g. the average number of words per sentence, syllables per word, etc.

Hardcopy Printout of all scores and raw data can be obtained at the conclusion of each assessment.

Text Editing
It is very easy to direct the program to ignore any words in its assessment of the sample.

User Manual
Includes all the basic information needed to install and use the program.

The Latest Info
A ReadMe file on the original media describes the newest features and operating tips.

Our readability software supports Macintosh as well as Windows computers. The program code for each is separate and “native” to that type computer, ensuring their maximum speed and compatibility.

User Guides
Each readability program has its own tailored User Guide - comprehensive yet brief, covering all the points necessary ... (1) to ensure a successful installation of the readability software (2) to help you choose the right readability formula (3) to help you determine sample size, number and location (4) to provide you critical editing instructions (5) to explain scores that are surprising or different

Let's look at some special features that both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS offer ...