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Free E-Book : Can YOU Read Me Now? How to Use the New Bog Index Readability Formula

How to Use the new Bog Index Readability Formula
What causes low literacy or poor reading with many readers? Statistics show that many adult readers are not literate enough to comprehend most text above a fifth-grade reading-level. This may be true, but it is not the reader’s fault for failing to comprehend certain texts – rather it is the writer’s fault for failing to write for his readers. To help writers and non-writers write text that their readers can understand, has published a free e-book called "Can YOU Read Me Now? : How to Use the New Bog Index Readability Formula."

Editor Software's plain English editing software, StyleWriter, has a new readability measure – the Bog index – so called because it measures how writing can bog down the reader. The index is a better way to measure the readability and style of documents than existing readability formulas, which generally use only sentence length and a syllable or character count. The key feature of the Bog index is a graded 200,000-word dictionary. Each word has a grade from easy to difficult depending on the word's frequency and its ease of understanding. Each word also belongs to a category such as:

• difficult or easy
• formal or informal
• jargon or non-jargon
• poor style or good style
• technical or non-technical
• unusual or common.

The Bog index, unlike standard readability formulas, also measures redundant phrases, passive verbs, hidden verbs and other common style issues.

The Bog index doesn't just measure poor writing habits. It measures characteristics of good style in your writing – called Pep because these features pep up writing style. Pep makes reading easier and more enjoyable. It consists of lively verbs, interesting nouns, names and conversational style (contractions, personal pronouns, direct questions and short sentences).

Finally, StyleWriter's Bog index adjusts its score and rating depending on the writing task and likely audience. It also includes a sentence variety calculation in its statistics.

"Can YOU Read Me Now? : How to Use the New Bog Index Readability Formula" helps writers and non-writers, organizations and businesses, understand StyleWriter's new, improved Bog Index Readability Formula to evaluate what they write and determine if their readers can understand what they write.


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