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Results of the Fry Graph Readability Formula

The Fry Graph is the only readability formula that shows its results as a point on a graph. The Fry formula graph itself covers a grade range from early elementary through college years.

The Fry Graph formula can accommodate a wide variety of narrative materials, across a wide range of grade levels. For this reason the Fry Graph enjoys widespread use in business and industry as well as education... especially in scoring texts, manuals, newspapers and magazine articles.

The Fry Graph formula takes into account total number of words, sentences and syllable counts.

When a calculated point falls outside the Fry graph’s bounds, it still may communicate information about the material, e.g. either that too many words are too difficult, or that too many sentences are too lengthy.


This screen shows the Fry Graph formula results.

(1) For ready user reference, the material evaluated, date and time are all specified at the top of the screen.

(2) For quick location, the dot indicating the calculated score is displayed in red.

(3) Information to interpret the dot’s location is provided to the immediate right, on the very same screen.

The screen is designed for ease of reference and completeness of information.

Both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS programs automatically calculate the FRY GRAPH READABILITY FORMULA.

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