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  • The Raygor Estimate Graph and Readability Formula for English Texts - The Raygor Estimate Graph is a readability measurement for English-language text, developed by Alton L. Raygor (1977). You calculate the U.S. grade level by counting the average number of sentences and letters per 100 words. You plot these averages onto a specific graph.
  • The SMOG Readability Formula - G Harry McLaughlin created the SMOG Readability Formula in 1969 through an article, SMOG Grading A New Readability Formula in the Journal of Reading. SMOG Readability Formula estimates the years of education a person needs to understand a piece of writing.
  • The SPACHE Readability Formula - G. Spache devised the Spache Readability Formula in 1953 through an article, A New Readability Formula for Primary-Grade Reading Materials, published in The Elementary School Journal. The formula calculates the grade level of a text sample based on sentence length and number of unfamiliar words.

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