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  • Advice on Imposing Grade Levels on Readability Scores - While it's crucial to match reading skills with the difficulty of the material, an appropriate reading grade level does not by itself ensure the match is perfect. Using grade level standards based on readability formulas can lead writers to produce text that is less readable.
  • Alternative Methods to Using Readability Formulas - Alternatives to readability formulas fit into two categories—text-based (like the formulas) and reader/text-based. Both alternatives allow the user to focus attention on factors involved in comprehension.
  • An Overview of Readability Formulas - You can use "readability formulas" to measure the difficulty of words and sentences in any written materials. You can choose from several dozen readability formulas, including the Fry formula, SMOG, Dale-Chall Formula, and Flesch tests (Flesch-Kincaid and Flesch Reading Ease).
  • How Can My Company Save Money Using Readability Formulas? by Brian Scott - Many business owners constantly seek new ways to save money and increase profits. One such money-saving measure is to use readability formulas on all text and materials. Readability formulas let you know if your text is readable by your target audience (your customers, suppliers, employees, etc).
  • How Readability Formulas Work - To estimate the difficulty of a text, readability formulas count what is easy to count at the level of individual words and sentences. Typically, they use the length of a word or sentence as the indicator of difficulty.
  • How to Improve the Readability of Anything You Write - Trade professionals, such as those who work in healthcare or insurance, who occasionally write for the public should ask themselves two important questions before they start writing: 1) Will the target reader be able to read the message? 2) If so, will the reader want to?
  • Readability Formulas and Grade Level Scores - Readability formulas produce fluctuations in scores for the same text and estimate the difficulty of text differently. Formulas vary in which attributes of words and sentences that they take into account and how they measure them.
  • Readability Guidelines to Calculate Readability Scores - A readability score is the grade level which readers need to read and understand your document. Basically, readability formulas will help you answer the following question about a document: "Will I be able to read this text if I have an X-grade reading level?" First, let's look at the pros and cons of using readability formulas on text.
  • The Practical Purposes of Using Readability Formulas - The overall purpose of using readability formulas is to obtain "ballpark" estimates of the appropriateness of non-instructional materials for general audiences. After reviewing the history, purposes, and text-based nature of formulas, we intend to offer advice on using alternatives to readability formulas. Our alternatives are more reader-based and, thus, more consistent with current definitions of the reading process.
  • What Are Readability Formulas? by Brian Scott - Readability formulas are mathematical in nature; its primary aim is to measure the grade level a person must have to read and comprehend a text. Writers consider readability formulas as simple ways to judge read-ability.
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StyleWriter software: use it to write better content! Download your free trial!