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Top : Readability Results

  • Results of the FORCAST Readability Formula - The FORCAST readability formula focuses on functional literacy. It is usually used in evaluating adult questionnaires, forms, multiple choice tests and job materials that are not in narrative form.
  • Results of the Fry Graph Readability Formula - The Fry Graph is the only readability formula that shows its results as a point on a graph. The Fry formula graph itself covers a grade range from early elementary through college years.
  • Results of The New Dale-Chall Readability Formula - Though capable of producing readability scores for the earliest primary grades, the Dale-Chall readability formula is most reliable when scoring materials for fourth grade level through college.
  • Results of the SMOG Readability Formula - Since SMOG readability formula aims for 100% comprehension, its grade level scores are usually higher than any of the other formulas, most of which target between 50% and 75% comprehension.

Top : Readability Results