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Results of the SMOG Readability Formula

The SMOG formula takes into consideration (1) the total number of sentences, and (2) the number of words of three or more syllables.

Since SMOG readability formula aims for 100% comprehension, its grade level scores are usually higher than any of the other formulas, most of which target between 50% and 75% comprehension.

Of the readability formulas included in the Readability Calculations package - the formula nearest to SMOG in terms of its comprehension target is the FOG formula, which targets 90% comprehension.

Both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS display this formula’s scoring results on a screen which may contain other formula results as well.

SMOG Readability Formula

This screen snapshot illustrates how both programs display the results.

(1) For easy and quick user reference, the material evaluated, date and time are all specified at the very top of the screen.

(2) You may apply multiple formulas in one execution of the software.

(3) All raw counts which figured in the calculations of any one or more of the applied formulas are included in the display.

(4) All manner of relevant information is readily available on a (scrollable) field at the right side of the screen.

All relevant scoring data and information is displayed together on a single screen!

(5) If so desired, a “File” button enables you to save all grade level and raw count data.

(6) A “Print” button enables you to obtain hardcopy printout of the data.

Both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS programs automatically calculate the SMOG Readability Formula.

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