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Results of the SPACHE Readability Formula

The Spache readability formula is meant to score materials intended for use at the kindergarten level through third grade.

It is a vocabulary-based readability formula, matching its own list of words to the words in the material being evaluated, to determine the appropriate grade level. In addition, the formula factors in the total number of words and sentences, arriving at an average sentence length.

Both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS support two versions of the Spache formula - one developed in 1966, and a revised version dated 1974. You may apply either (or both) to your materials.

SPACHE Readability Formula

This screen shows results of the Spache formula.

The (scrollable) field at the left displays (1) the grade-level score, (2) sample identification and text, (3) word count, (4) sentence count, (5) identifies words treated by the formula as “unfamiliar,” and (6) the number of occurrences of such words in the material.

In the left field, note the entry named “Baseline Formula SCORE:” When you (the user) apply the Spache formula, you may select either of two versions of the formula -- the 1966 (Baseline) or 1974 (Revised) version.

The (scrollable) field at the right provides all the information required to interpret the various data entries.

One screen containing all relevant data and information necessary to fully understand the formula’s results.

Both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS programs automatically calculate the SPACHE formula.

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