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StyleEase for MLA StyleStyleEase for MLA Style

StyleEase for MLA Style for Microsoft Word formats your papers and references in strict accordance with the latest version of the Modern Language Association style.

Our templates format everything from title page to bibliography, and the StyleEase menu makes the entry and placement of references, in-text citation, and footnotes a snap.

StyleEase for MLA Style works seamlessly with Microsoft Word to make compliance with the MLA Handbook (6th ed.) a breeze. From title page to bibliography, StyleEase for MLA Style helps you every step of the way.

We make it easy to create and edit all of your MLA-style documents, from book reports to dissertations. StyleEase for MLA Style even includes a references database; you will never need to type the same reference information twice. No other program offers the array of features and ease of use that StyleEase for MLA Style does.

Our quick overview page shows you how easy it is to use StyleEase, and our simple mini-tutorials step you through the basics.

Create a new StyleEase document
Click the Windows start button, click (All) Programs, and then click MLA Style Document:

Set up the document
StyleEase for MLA Style displays the Document Setup screen, which allows you to quickly select paper style, pages to include, document title, and the running head.

You can add or delete pages and change the title information at any time while editing your StyleEase document. After you have selected the appropriate information, click the OK button. StyleEase creates a new document and asks if you want to save it before you begin editing.

Type Your Paper
Type your paper, formatting text with the appropriate styles from the StyleEase Format Text menu as you go.

StyleEase for MLA Style automatically formats most text as you type it into your document, by automatically setting the style of each paragraph to one of the APA styles defined in the StyleEase templates.

You can always modify the formatting of any paragraph in your document by applying a different style to it. You do this using the StyleEase Format Text menu, which allows you to change the formatting of headings and text in your document with a single mouse click.

Simply position the text insertion cursor in the paragraph that you want to modify and select the paragraph style to apply to that paragraph. StyleEase applies the style, which modifies the paragraph formatting.

Insert Reference Entries and Citations
Whenever you want to insert a new reference entry a
nd/or citation in your paper, click Reference Entry in the StyleEase menu.

StyleEase for MLA Style displays the reference entry menu. Select the type of item to which you are referring (a book, a journal, a movie, an online article, etc.) from the list of choices offered in the menu, and enter your reference information in the second screen.

Insert Citations to Existing References
You can quickly insert an in-text citation to an existing reference, for example (Hillerson, 2002), without having to enter any data, by clicking Cite Existing Reference in the StyleEase menu. Choose the reference you want to cite from the list of existing entries:

StyleEase for MLA Style allows you to modify the format and/or page numbers in the citation, and then inserts it into your document.

StyleEase Reference Entry Is Easy
To create a new reference entry or citation, simply select from StyleEase’s comprehensive list of reference types.

Follow the StyleEase examples and enter all the necessary information.

StyleEase for MLA Style generates a perfectly formatted reference entry and citation for you. It even tells you if you’ve left out any required information!

StyleEase for MLA Style automatically adds any new references you create to your references database, making them available for instant reuse without any typing!

With complex formatting requirements, we know that the devil is in the details. That’s why StyleEase offers help every step of the way:

• You can click the Help button at the bottom of an entry screen to display specific help for using the screen.

• You can display "flyover" help for a specific field by pausing the mouse over that field.

• You can press the F2 key at any time to redisplay the original example text for a field, which helps you to remember correct formatting.

Add Elements and Pages as Required
If you want to add elements in your document such as figures or tables, click an item in the StyleEase Insert Element menu:
And if you want to add a new section/page to your document, click an item in the StyleEase Insert New Page menu:

Print Your Document
Whenever you want to print a draft of your paper, select the StyleEase Prepare for Printing command. StyleEase displays the Print Preparation screen, which you can use to update pages and tables, and to SmartSort your reference entries.

The StyleEase SmartSort facility sorts your references, correctly managing multiple entries by the same author(s), and taking into account all of the less-than-obvious rules for sorting entries, especially author-less entries.

Help is Available When You Need It
Remember that you can select Help from the StyleEase menu whenever you have a question about formatting or working with StyleEase.

To learn more, visit MLA Style Formatting Software.

  Readability Software >> ONLINE STORE
Readability PLUS - Readability Calc - StyleWriter - Plain English Editor - Whitesmoke Grammar Checker - Business Writing Workshops - Wizards For Word - APA Style Software - Chicago Style Software - MLA Style Software