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What is Readability Software?
Simply defined, readability software is a computer application that automates the tedious and time-consuming tasks of determining a document's target reading level. Two such powerful readability software applications include Micro Power and Light's Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS. [ BUY NOW ]

In past decades you needed the skills of a mathematician or linguist (or both!) to use complicated "reading formulas" to figure out the reading level of your documents.

The old way is now obsolete.

Both of our readability software programs, Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS, analyze the words and sentences in your document and determine the reading level and grade level -- in seconds -- using up to nine popular readability formulas!

Both Readability Calculations and Readability PLUS work on any type of document -- reports, business letters, articles, books, manuals, academic texts, literature, you name it!

Why use Readability Software?
Many unskilled writers and non-writers write for the wrong grade-level. They confuse and frustrate their readers by using too many difficult words and lengthy sentences. Writing for the wrong grade-level has adverse results: if readers can't understand your document, how do you expect your readers to react or act to your message?

Use Readability Calculations or Readability PLUS to find out if your readers can understand what you write, and then simplify or improve your document to meet their reading level to achieve the best result.

When do I need Readability Software?
Right now -- especially if you want to ensure your readers can comprehend what you are writing.

You need readability software right now when you want to:

communicate your message effectively to your readers;

generate sales or produce the correct response from your product or sales literature;

have piece of mind knowing your readers can read what you write or what you distribute.

Who uses Readability Software?
Anybody who writes and wants to get their message across to their readers.

Schools, colleges and universities use readability software to make sure students understand their assignments, homework, tests, books, and handouts.

Insurance agencies use readability software to make sure their policy holders understand their insurance documents, driving policies, and legal documents.

Corporations use readability software on their sales literature to increase response rates from their target market.

Non-profit organizations use readability software to make sure lenders and donors can read and understand their grant proposals.

Political parties use readability software on their campaigns to make sure they communicate their messages effectively to persuade or inform voters.

Financial institutes use readability software to simplify their complicated financial documents so the lay person can understand important information.

Hospitals use readability software on outpatient pamphlets, brochures, business letters, and correspondence with patients.

Attorneys use readability software to help simplify their "legalese" writing into more Plain English.

Individuals use readability software to improve the quality of their writing.

Concerned parents use readability software to pre-screen (or find) books that their kids (with autism or special abilities) can read and comprehend.

How do I use Readability Software?
We offer two readability software applications (for Windows or Macintosh). One is called Readability Calculations, and the other is called Readability PLUS, which is a more powerful readability program. Simply import or paste your text into the program. Select the readability formula (or formulas). Click the mouse. Presto! You now know the reading-level of your materials, as well as other important information about your document.

Now that you know something about our readability programs, let's take a more detailed look into how it all works...